About Prompt

Prompt is an app that aims to give people a little more control over their lives. We hear about information overload and we feel busier than ever, but the tools to manage it range from inadequate to part of the problem. Prompt is directed at letting people offload important items that can wait. Spreading the resources of our mind, specifically our working memory, across time in a balanced manager. If something is important, make note of it and then move on. Later, when you are better equipped or less pressed, the note will return for review.

There are other means to accomplish this trick, but alarms lack the context to be very effective and calendaring programs are overloaded with features. Somewhere in the middle falls Prompt. It is as simple as sending a text message, but that message gives it a lot of power when it comes back around. It is a trigger to long term memory and puts one right back where they left off.

Separately, Prompt supports communicating with other Prompt users in the future. This supports a different type of functionality, where the sender is able to manage time better but still communicate in a direct manner. Today, for the most part, communications are based on delivery of information as soon as it is generated. Prompt lets one generate the information now, but deliver it in the future. In that regard it provides for better time management and sender and receiver.






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