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What is Prompt?

Prompt is enhanced memory.

A thought comes to you. It is important, but you have other things to do at that moment. If it could only wait until you have less going on. If it could later provide a small nudge with context. That small nudge is a Prompt.




Why use Prompt?

Prompt can free your mind to help focus.

Working memory decays quickly and gets confused as new information arrives. As cognitive load increases we need to think faster or spread our thoughts out over time. Prompt is the way to offload thoughts until later. It effectively increases the size of working memory by using your mobile device to store and later refresh your memory.


How easy is Prompt?

You already know how to use Prompt.

Creating a Prompt is as easy as sending a text. Pick the future time the way you normally think of it, “Tomorrow Late” or “Tuesday Afternoon”. After that, enter in a short bit of text and forget about it.

Prompt will bring it back to you as a notification, a simple alert to your mobile device. Prompts come with a short text message to give you immediate context. Still need to put it off, Prompts can be snoozed.




“Working memory is among the cognitive functions most sensitive to decline in old age.*”

The mind is a complex and colorful instrument, but we still can take simple steps to help it out a little. Offloading certain tasks, paradoxically, allows us to be more carefree and thoughtful, while still retaining the benefits of staying focused.

*Hertzog C, Dixon RA, Hultsch DF, MacDonald SW (December 2003). "Latent change models of adult cognition: are changes in processing speed and working memory associated with changes in episodic memory?"








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